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The NAKED Tribe

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The NAKED Tribe

Alex Okoroji 
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How Would YOU like to Achieve the FREEDOM Mindset, Needed - to Challenge the Illusion of Perfection? Then - Tap Into THE NAKED Philosophy and Founder, Join Alex Okoroji's Inner Circle - THE NAKED TRIBE to Connect With Other Truth-Seekers & Get Access to The Naked Bliss Academy + All Its Super Exclusive Content...specially dedicated to your success.


  • Be Bold, Daring & Fearless in your Pursuit for Greater Purpose.
  • Strip all the baggage, ghosts & bullshit weighing you down.
  • Peel off the layers of limiting beliefs & obstacles holding you back
  • Operate from a place of Freedom & Power, instead of Fear.
  • Voice your truth so openly and clearly, that the world is inspired by the depth of who you're becoming.
  • Feel supported and encouraged to create something big, powerful & worthwhile for yourself.
  • Be reminded of your greatest self in the moments when you doubt yourself, your abilities, and even your journey - so that the voice of doubt in your head, actually gets muted & replaced with a renewed confidence grounded in a light bulb of truth .
  • Play inside a safe space where imperfections are celebrated, just as much as we celebrate excellence.
  • Be your AUTHENTIC self. Like REALLY. Honoring it ALL - The Flaws, The Cracks, The Warts... (including the dreaded parts of you - that you’ve most wanted to hide).

In this space, you'll be mentored, encouraged, supported, inspired & stretched to go to YOUR NEXT LEVEL.


* Get my WELCOME package - an Instant Digital Copy (E-Book) of My Widely Acclaimed Self-Help Book- THE NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped... (laced with relatable wisdom for those struggling to accept the truth about who they are & what they want out of love & life) + The Naked Challenge 101 Tutorial Video (From Idealist to Realist). 

* The 'Naked Weekly' Special Updates Straight to Your Email Inbox.

* Access The NAKED Bliss Academy for Exclusive Self-Help Audio Diaries, Productivity & Goal Setting Boosts (to inspire you).

* Access to The NAKED LOUNGE on Facebook to (Express | Contribute | Interact) w/ Other Creatives, Share Your Personal Content & Build Connections.

* Monthly Live Q&A, Tele-Summits with Guest Coaches + Recordings.

* All Access- THE NAKED CHALLENGE Webinars + Recordings

* Exclusive Weekly Bonus Podcast ( THE NAKED BOOST).

* Free Monthly #AskAlex Virtual Group Coaching.

* 50% Discount on One-on-One #AskAlex Coaching.

* 50% Discount on All Paid Events, Seminars, Summits & Conferences with Alex Okoroji, or her Collaborators.

...And every resource that will help you experience the Freedom to live your AUTHENTIC best...Re-invent Yourself and Live a Life of Bliss on your own terms.

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