The B.R.A.G Factor Masterclass 2020

Alex Okoroji 
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Learn everything you need to (B)rand. (R)einvent. (A)lign. & (G)row as a Brand, Business, Product or Service for Only One Hour Per Week (for 5 weeks) from 1 April - 29 April 2019 LIVE online at 8pm - 9pm (GMT).

This class will teach you how to strategically turn the elements of THE BRAG Factor™ into SUPER ACTION with Action Strategies broken down to step by step processes to help you transform your business, project, product, organisation, brand or service.

 Each Monday - We will DIVE in deeper & tear down each Action Strategy... We will Pair them up with Real-time /Real Life Case Studies for you. 

YOU will be provided with step by step strategies, tools, resources and example of platforms to help you create or re-create the success you want & earn your BRAGGING Rights.

The best part - You'll learn how to Do-It-Yourself like a pro... so you can go further and take your business, service or product Globally - on a shoestring budget, or with no budget at all - even if your customers or clients are local.

*All Live Classes Will Be Recorded*

So you can play back and watch at your own convenience.

Your PDF Access Pass included (contains link to the Private Venue) 

+ Also included is The BRAG Factor™ (Audio Bundle) to get you started and ready for the Live Class. 

You'll also receive Lesson Plans & Work-Book (During The Class)

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The B.R.A.G Factor Masterclass 2020

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