Reinvention 1-on-1 (VIP Session)

Alex Okoroji 
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How do successful businesses, top brands, influential personalities, and celebrated icons stay relevant over the years? How do they keep their brand from burning out, getting stale, growing old or staying stagnant? How do they reach for more goals and remain in the consciousness of their tribe?

2017 is here, its time to step out with the old...and bring in the NEW. Yes, the new YOU - because we all need to continuously evolve and transform our lives...and to do so, REINVENTION is the key to making real transformation happen.

We can reinvent our lives by removing all the things that no longer serve us—for where we are going, in order to free up our lives for greater achievements, and impact.

So no matter who you are, how old you are or where you are currently on the success ladder - It is never too late to reinvent yourself. 

In fact it is the only way to continue to remain relevant.

Well, I'm a Reinvention Rockstar, who has consistently reinvented myself at every stage of my career and I'll be more than happy to show you how to use my 'Transformative Learning Module' -The NAKED Philosophy to reveal yor awesomeness...and move yourself from stagnancy to RELEVANCE in just 30 days - starting this January. And guess what, I only have 10 Slots open to 10 VIPS monthly.

Yup! This is an intimate signature program for only those who want to go from ordinary to extraordinary & THRIVE. And I promise you, this program is stuffed with the best of the best actionable strategies - No Bullshit, and no Fluff!


1) An Introductory 30 Minutes Video or Audio Call in my virtual coaching room (We'll discuss your vision, desires & goals).

2) Welcome Gift (My STRIPPED DOWN SUCCESS BUNDLE + The NAKED CHALLENGE 101: From Idealist To Realist Tutorial ) to prepare you for your 30 day journey.

3) A Brand Makeover - we'll fix your identity crisis or create a brand image concept.

4) Your Mental Reinvention Diet (MRD) + Daily Action Plan  (Things you need to know & do each day to boost you 2 steps closer to your goal) for the next 25 days.

5) One Hour Weekly Progress Report (Your Accountability Check-In).

6) Access to my System Database, Platforms & Collaborators to help speed up your global reach and transformation. (You can bet I'll hold your hands all the way - Remember you are my VIP and I want you to succeed).

7) And a Special BONUS (worth $450 in actual monetary value) - a one year membership access into THE BRAG CLUB for Influencers & our monthly TAPPING BRILLIANCE MASTERMIND to help you take everything you have learned and implemented to the next level.Boom!!

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Reinvention 1-on-1 (VIP Session)

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